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Education and Training

Lou Noftsier (owner of A. Noftsier Consulting) has managed the Technical Services Departments for major construction companies in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania since 1980. With the increased demand for quality and product integrity in the construction industry, Mr. Noftsier recognized the need for plant/field HMA trainers with actual plant/field experience and began Predictive Materials Testing, Inc.


PMT, Inc offers quality and dependable construction materials testing in accordance with industry standards (AASHTO, ASTM, and Local DoT Testing methods). Specializing in HMA mix designs (both Marshall and SuperPave method) and offering a fully equipped lab to provide aggregate, concrete, and soils testing.

Project Consulting

PMT, Inc can be a successful and a trusted advisor to help your managers solve facility problems and to make prudent maintenance and repair decisions. The success of every construction project depends on the quality of the construction materials and workmanship. Penalties and future performance problems can be avoided (and bonus payments realized) by proper implementation of project specific QC/QA programs.

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